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/ALL Chat | League Ink
This week, ALL Chat is ALL tattoos! With over 200 tattoo submissions in just a few days alone, League of Legends has clearly had an impact on people from all over the world, and we hope you will enjoy these tributes to favorite champions and memories as much as we did. From memorializing a trip to Worlds to just loving the way a character makes you feel, players have stories as diverse as they are.

Also, a massive shout out to the League of Legends subreddit for showing off their awesome artwork and ink.

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Check out the featured tattoos and TONS more on /r/leagueoflegends: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/46n6yc/league_tattoos/

Noctilucent – Nocturne Blade
Based off of fanart by weijunsyu:

ThePloof – Zed Tribal
Based off of fanart by Esmeekramer:

Finume’s brother – Wukong half sleeve

Japp182 – Blackfrost Anivia back tribal

Fernuni – Nami arm

Amnezz – Shaco shoulder

Hahn_on_reddit – New Poppy shoulder

Berti93 – Blood Moon sleeve

Jaggie – Nautilus anchor

Sniggleton – Jinx’s sleeve recreation

Kylor – OGN symbol

Shadowwolfx17 – Riven blade

MrMarshall3rd – Draven axe arm

BRTT – Draven axe arm, Kayle back tattoo, what am I missing comments?

Solz22 – Ziggs bomb and poros

TheBootyTickler – Jhin-inspired rose

MrFollicle – Spirit Guard Udyr sleeve

Nini – Matching SO chibi Lux and Ezreal
Based off of fanart by chierue and akinokourui

Liguana – Oriana arm
Based off of fanart by TacticalTomato:

Munnyfish – Gentleman Poro


Michigo – Vine

Music by TAKKUN: https://soundcloud.com/takkun-music


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