Black ops 2 // Modded Games! // Come Chat!

Black ops 2 // Modded Games! // Come Chat!
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How To Join My Game:

Looking for a KV? (Modders Only)
Contact my man James on skype! Reliable/Cheap kv’s that are ALWAYS unshared!
His Skype: jameskvs

Looking for a beast stealth server? (Modders Only)
My new stealth (OG) will be dropping soon! We are in the middle of testing, and we have people lasting 20+ days!! Not to mention ip Spoofing!! So be on the look out for that! If you want on it now as a tester it will cost a little, add me on skype to discuss it! (Robertirvingwashburn) It might take me awhile to respond.. Be patient.

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