Chat’s Nyas

Chat’s Nyas
It’s finally here!!
And since it’s here, everyone who joined, feel free to make your parts public now ;3c

If you’re interested in joining Chat’s Nyas 2, please check out this document and read the ENTIRE THING:

Parts won’t necessarily be assigned off of animation, although that’s a plus! It’s more based off of general art quality and then the cleverness of the audio chosen! I’ll be much more lenient when giving out parts for Chats Nyas 2 than I would with a normal M.A.P. that I would host, however I can’t promise everyone a part because I wouldn’t want the finished video to be so long that it isn’t worth sitting through the whole thing.

This first chat’s nyas video was hosted on a spur of the moment sort of decision and started out as a free for all where anyone could jump in and join, but then as it was so hastily made and unorganized, I accidentally missed a lot of people who initially tried to join, so I apologize if you asked to join and I never got back to you! The sequel is already much more organized and hopefully I can get to the point where I can actually go through everyone who asks to join!

Also a side note, if you don’t fill out the whole template correctly that I provided in the doc to ask for a part with, I’ll have to skip your message and go to the next person. I don’t really have the time to chase down all the details I asked for if you don’t provide them, sorry!

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