Barbara gives Yang dating advice…

Barbara gives Yang dating advice…
Barbara knows what’s up, my dudes

This is a preview from the final crack, unfortunately you’ll have to wait again. My wifi just…died on me almost a week ago and I have no idea why. I am uploading this using my data but there won’t be enough for a 7 minutes long video…Worst case scenario the crack will be uploaded on Monday aka when i get to go to the library and steal some free wifi…well, assuming RT doesn’t fuck me up with copyright again.

i am soooooo sorry guys, but if you want to know what to expect from the crack all i can say is that Salem thinks the RWBY girls are THOOOOTS so…It’s also the title of the crack so watch out for that lol

EDIT: shut i almost forgot. I was asked to do this by some friends but i wasn’t the only one. Here is another version and it also mentions the post that inspired this

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