Dating: Do’s & Dont’s | Brooklyn and Bailey

Dating: Do’s & Dont’s | Brooklyn and Bailey
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So we had some friends of the family stay over this past weekend, and we all started talking about some funny skits that we could film. We were laughing so hard, and Kamri really had fun with it!

This spoof on dating was one that we just HAD to do, because many of you girls will be able to relate! Not that y’all are dating, and we just began ourselves, but that we all notice a few subtle vain behaviors from some of the guys at school. Obviously, we exaggerated those behaviors here… but didn’t you think K-Swag and Danger Dan did a nice job showing us the “dont’s” of dating?

With all the technology we have today, it’s important to remember that “social” existed long before “social media”. So lets brush up on our manners, and verbal/physical social skills and get dating back to what it should be! lol

Special thanks to Cam, Asa, and Kenni for helping us out on this spoof!

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