A randy couple were caught on camera having sex on a balcony in Argentina

A randy couple were caught on camera having sex on a balcony in Argentina
Local reports said the unnamed woman, who was arrested along with her boyfriend, brazenly told the female cop who asked her to stop I’m not going to stop because I don’t want to.

One local report claimed afterwards Our readers will draw their own conclusions, but it’s worth adding that this video is just one small example of what happens every weekend in Buenos Aires and other parts of the country.

Last year a woman was filmed performing a sex act on her boyfriend in broad daylight outside a nightclub in Zarate – before turning on police who tried to stop her ahead of their arrest.

It’s the second time in as many months video showing a couple romping in public in Buenos Aires has gone viral.

Instead of covering up when a police car arrived on the scene, she began to argue with one of the armed officers who walked up to them while her lover stretched out his arms as if to say ‘don’t stop us now’.

The unidentified woman involved appeared a little reluctant at first, but allowed her male partner to carry on with the public sex act in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They ended up being arrested for a public decency offence and hauled away to the nearest police station to be fingerprinted and told they face charges.

More video at https://www.isetnews.com

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