Gifting Body Parts For Sex: How Nursery Web Spiders Seduce a Mate

Gifting Body Parts For Sex: How Nursery Web Spiders Seduce a Mate
Male nursery web spiders bring gifts to females in hopes to mate, but female spiders will only accept the biggest and best gifts.

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Study shows nursery web spiders offer gift to potential mates to prevent being eaten
“A pair of researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark has found evidence that suggests male nursery web spiders offer potential female mates silk covered insect carcasses as a means of protection from being eaten.”

Lady spiders demand gifts from their gentleman callers — or else they eat them
“”Nuptial gift-giving” has long been observed in nursery web spiders (Pisaura mirabilis). Basically, male spiders offer female spiders insects wrapped up in silk (yes, a snack packaged in high-end material).”

Male Nursery Web Spiders Mate More Successfully When They Offer Better Gifts
“Male nursery web spiders typically present females with silk-wrapped gifts before mating, but a new study out of Aarhus University in Denmark and Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas Clemente Estable in Uruguay examined how the giving of the gift — and the quality of what was offered — affected their mating opportunities.”

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