Is Pregnant Sex Dangerous For The Baby?

Is Pregnant Sex Dangerous For The Baby?
Pregnant sex: here’s why it’s not only safe, but also beneficial to squat jump in the cucumber patch while pregnant.

5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked –
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Revealed: Can A Man Poke The Baby In The Head During Sex With His Pregnant Partner?
“A list of myths associated with pregnancy is nearly as long as the actual gestation of a baby. That is, assuming we change the metric by which we measure “length” from inches or feet… to “months.”

Sex In Pregnancy
“Pregnant women and their partners often ask whether or not sex is allowed in pregnancy and what consequences may result from engaging in sexual activity. Can sex be used to induce labour? When is it safe to have sex after delivery? This primer outlines the existing evidence to aid physicians in counselling their patients.”

Frequent Sex Can Prevent Pregnancy Complications
“Having sex more often can reduce the risk of developing a serious medical condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Sperm contains a special protein that increases the chances for a successful pregnancy.”

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