Lois has Sex In Laundry Room – Family Guy

Lois has Sex In Laundry Room – Family Guy
Lois: Peter, can you come down to the laundry room? Ugh, son of a bitch. If she washed my belt again, I am gonna hit her with my dry, withered belt. What is it, Lois? I was watching… Whoa, Lois, what the hell are you doing? Do me, Peter, do me right here in the basement. Y-You mean this room we’re in or your bum? No, this room, Peter, right here on the carpet. Oh, so you mean the front. Just get over here and kiss me. Let’s have s*x on all the clean, folded laundry. Wow, Lois, I got to say, I like this new you. I like it a lot. (both giggling) Oh, Peter! Oh, Peter, yes! Yeah. Oh, I’m on fire. Yeah. Take me, you filthy b*st*rd. Yeah, oh. Destroy me and this laundry. Oh, yeah. Yeah, here, put Meg’s bra in your mouth. Oh, my God, that’s so disturbing. I know, gross. Yeah, and my hearing’s a lot better, so I hear, like, suction and stuff.
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Season 11 episode 6

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