Women Who Want Casual Sex

Women Who Want Casual Sex
The hookup app for awesome people

I’ve wanted to talk about women who participate in casual sex and love it for awhile and Pure, an app specifically designed with this in mind, came right on time to help me do this!

Pure is designed for people who are looking to hookup with someone awesome. Pure is confidential. Your image (only one image of your choice) is not stored on the app – once you delete your one-hour request no other information is stored (even the chat messages do not get archived). For more info visit the FAQ page

Here are some tips for you to get a better experience on the app.

Tip #1: Pics matter

This is the only piece of information you share with would-be hookups, so we recommend giving it an extra moment of thought. How do you really want to be seen? If you’re all about your awesome dick, then sure—post a dick pick (Some girls dig them. It’s a thing.). But our research shows that pics where you’re wearing clothes tend to do better.

Tip #2: We know why we’re here

Never. Ever. Ever fucking ask: “Do you know what this app is for?” Seriously, it’s the worst. Everybody is here for the same reason. We’re all adults. Implying that the other person is naive or stupid is a big turn-off and will not lead to an awesome hookup. Trust us. Research, y’all.

Tip #3: Assume it’s a one-time thing

Consent is the golden rule on Pure. Whatever nasty shit you wanna do, if your hookup is into it—we say, go for it! That includes staying in touch afterwards. Unless you both explicitly decide to become fuck buddies or something else, plan being strangers afterwards, i.e. no calls/texts/approaching in public, etc.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with guys in Pure, go to their FB page

Download in App Store and Google Play

I am so proud of this conversation amongst 7 women who are into casual sex. This is a 20 minute version of an hour and 30 minute conversation that covered: casual sex, the double standard, nude pics, body acceptance, pleasure, dick picks, one night stands and so much more. I STRONGLY encourage you to have a similar conversation in a safe place to you. Here are some convo starters:

What does sex represent to you?
Are you for or against casual sex? Why?
What has been your experience with casual sex?
How have others looked at you for your opinion on sex?
What do you think about the stigma of women who want casual sex?
What advice would you give to a woman who enjoys sex but is not looking for a serious commitment?
What are your thoughts on dick pics?
What are your thoughts on sexting?

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