Your Body During Sex

Your Body During Sex
Do it again and again and again and again…

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Love Drug
Warner // Chappell Production Music


Special thanks to Dr. Michael Smith, Chief Medical Editor of WebMD

Mating Lion

Mating Lion, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Mating Dragon Fly

Mating Epaulet Skimmers. Orthetrum chrysostigma.

Mating Frogs

Mating Ball

Mating Flies

Mating Fly

Mating Cows
Mating Squirrels
Mating Lizards
Mating Turtles
Mating Snails
Mating Sheep
Mating Ladybugs
Mating Dogs
Mating Deer

Muffins by: Jonas G

Rare Yellow Headed Box Turtle by: Gothamist

Patch up Pull Over by: Heyniek

What Lies Under by: Randy Perry

Dubai Metro Timelapse by: Ateeq

Cleveland Lightning Storm Timelapse by: Mitchell Hadden

Dandelion Timelapse by:

Houston At Night by: Hitmakers Media

Fireworks HD // fujisawa enoshima fireworks festival by: Ocean Promotions

Geyser, Virile, 2013 by: Justine Pluvinage

Etna World Heritage List by: etna walk

the mere picture by: Colleen Carias

Memphis Sunrine Timelapse by: Casey Latiolais

Mimosa Pudica by: Mem’s

Clock and Clouds (Del Mar) by:


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