Nostalrius PvP – Leveling 43+ – Come chat!

Nostalrius PvP – Leveling 43+ – Come chat!
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My Addons:!tABSRLIY!e6C_RWfBynDqtF4M3Q-YZTdIKgeV9Nf9dwO54Q94aYo

Unit Frames: Luna Unit Frames
Bars: Bongos
Minimap: Simple Minimap
Map: Cartographer
Player Buffs/Debuffs: Vanilla Consolidated Buffs
Player Cooldowns: Cooldown Timer
CC: LoseControl
DPS Meter: DPSMate
Target Debuffs: DoTimer
Casting Bar: ECastingBar (i should use ocb)
Enemy Casting Bar: Natur’s ECB
Chat: ChatSuey
Whispers: WIM
– I use others but they’re not setup at the moment because I’m leveling. –

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