5 Relationship Lessons We Should’ve Been Taught in School: REAL Dating Advice for Women

5 Relationship Lessons We Should’ve Been Taught in School: REAL Dating Advice for Women
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How much of what you learned in school do you use on a day-to-day basis?

Not much, right?

Sometimes it feels like they deliberately teach you things you’ll never use…

… and avoid teaching you the skills that you NEED to live a happy and fulfilling life…

… like how to meet an amazing partner that makes every day feel like a real gift.

But it’s never too late to learn.

Today, I want to share 5 relationship lessons every woman needs to know if she’s going to find the man of her dreams.

This isn’t a simple list of tips and tricks…

… these are the fundamental truths about modern dating that will help you live the life you’ve always imagined.

These are hard earned lessons…

… ones that I’ve worked through with my clients and also learned on my own

I’m excited to share these lessons with you.

Your coach,


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It seems like the modern schooling system teaches you everything about the world, except the things you need to know.

Did you learn anything useful about sex and relationships in school?

Doubt it.

That’s why today I’m going to share…

The Relationship Advice You Should Have Gotten In School

If you love and respect yourself first, a healthy relationship will naturally follow
Don’t rely on finding someone else to love you.

Rely on yourself to always love yourself unconditionally.

Love should never complete you, it should supplement your already amazing life.

Talk to strangers
Adults tell us not to talk to strangers out of fear of what might happen, but I think that strangers aren’t necessarily the problem.

Lack of social skills are the problem.

If you don’t get comfortable meeting new people as a younger person, then when you get older it doesn’t get any easier.

Get out there.

Experience new people.

Be open to talking to people who have totally different viewpoints than you.

When it comes to love, the more people you meet, the more chances you have for finding that special someone.

Leave a bad relationships
We’re always taught when were younger to follow our heart, and when you fall in love, just go for it.

We rarely talk about that heart wrenching pain that ensues when a relationship doesn’t work out.

I’m convinced that there are millions of people right now living in shitty relationships because they’re afraid to break up.

Breakups aren’t always bad. Avoiding breakups always is.

Don’t marry someone until you live with them for at least a year
You shouldn’t go from dating to marriage without at least living with someone for at least a year.

Once you move in with someone, people change for the good and the bad.

It’s important to experience this and know if they’re a good fit, before tying the not.

Relationships are formed in real life, not by texting, online dating, or Tinder
So many people ask me dating questions about a person that they met online who they haven’t yet met in real life.

It’s insane.

People who have had these online relationships going for three months, or five months, or six months, or event years and think it’s a real relationship are not thinking right.

My advice is if you haven’t met someone…

…if you haven’t seen them…

…if you haven’t touched them…

…they do not exist in the real world.

Let me ask you, do you wish you were taught these dating rules in school? Leave a comment below.

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