If You Think Your Sex Life Is Tough, Try Being A Slug

If You Think Your Sex Life Is Tough, Try Being A Slug
For many species of terrestrial slugs, sex can end with a loss of a phallus. It’s called apophallation and here’s why it happens.

Sex Can Be Complicated… For Snails With Backward Organs | http://bit.ly/2ETgioh

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The strange and sensational world of leopard slug sex
“Under the cover of darkness, leopard slugs perform a bizarre, balletic and very colourful mating ritual.”

The sex life of slugs
“Suspended from a branch half a metre of mucus bungee line, two leopard slugs were mating in free air.”

Dance of the Mating Leopard Slug
“So once in a while I have to veer off track and bring you something completely different. Today I want to share with you something so gross and disgusting that it’s almost beautiful (sort of like hairless cats and Shar pei dogs), leopard slug mating.”

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