John Cena on His ‘Awkward’ Sex With Amy Schumer

John Cena on His ‘Awkward’ Sex With Amy Schumer
If you’ve seen the movie Trainwreck, then you know just how painfully awkward the sex scene featuring John Cena and Amy Schumer was. During the scene, Schumer’s character asks Cena’s character to talk dirty to her, and he responds by…well, let’s just say he tried. But he wasn’t very good at it. You catch watch the scene in the clip above.

During a sit-down interview with Larry King on Larry King Now earlier this week, Cena talked about the scene and revealed that, originally, it was supposed to be way less awkward than it ended up being. Cena ad-libbed during the scene, though, and both Schumer and Trainwreck director Judd Apatow loved the way he approached it. So they eventually decided to run with the more awkward version in the movie.

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