Sex Usually Lasts About ? Minutes According To Science

Sex Usually Lasts About ? Minutes According To Science
Researchers studied the sex habits of 500 people in the US and Europe. They found that the median duration of intercourse was 5.4 minutes. Cenk Uygur and Hannah Cranston (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“For the study, researchers studied the sex lives of 500 heterosexual couples from the United States and Europe. (They were going to toss in some nonhetero couples in there, but fun fact: Gay men didn’t actually have sex in 2005. It’s true.)

The couples were instructed to start a stopwatch literally at the moment the car entered the garage, and to stop the clock immediately after the man’s penis ejaculated inside the woman’s vagina. (The female orgasm was ignored entirely, because of course it was.)

The results were all over the damn place.

…Everyone else fell somewhere in between, as the median clocked in at 5.4 minutes.

According to past research, people at just above the median might have an advantage. A study from 2008 found that “the best sexual encounters last between 7 and 13 minutes.”

But you know what? That study’s actually kinda mean. The “best” sex? How would 33-second guy (or 44-minute guy, for that matter) feel if he knew researchers were out there talking shit about his skills in the bedroom? Probably not great.”*

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